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The decision.

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Nowadays many things are put in front of young people so they can delay getting what my Nana calls "A proper Job". So I've had a working gap year and gained vital work experience, I've completed University and obtained the all important degree and now the most obvious step is to travel the world on a limited budget to become more cultural. I'm told all these things make you much more of a person, and enhance the sacred CV that according to my tutor must be updated on a monthly basis.

It's true, the logical step for many of my fellow peers is not to get a career, but to have a gap year! Leave the looming cloud of student finance behind and ride through the streets on a 'tuk tuk' or lob yourself head first out of a plane, without a care in the world. So this is exactly what I plan to do (perhaps not the skydive, I've not quite convinced myself I have the courage for it!), leaving in October 2013 I shall leave the rainy shores of Sully and travel firstly to south east asia, the home of the "Full Moon Party".

I've been advised not to plan my route too vigorously and get as far off the beaten track as I can. My Mother has other ideas, an all inclusive trip to a luxury hotel with 24/7 bodyguard protection would keep her mind at ease. "But Mum, I'm a backpacker! I have to haggle for my dinner and stay on the floor of mud huts. It helps become a better person". This suits me fine, I've always been able to sleep anywhere and I'm fairly keen to get a new piercing... Maybe the animal bone through the top of my nose? I'm sure the locals will be able to help me out.

From SE Asia, we plan to spend Christmas in NZ with my cousins! Then I've got 1 month to perfect my kiwi accent by travelling the length and breadth of North and South island and taking on as many pulse racing activities as my lowly budget will stretch to! The idea is then to take a trip over to Sydney and find a job in Australia for 6 months to refill the moneybags. From there its the open road, hopefully aboard a campervan nicknamed "a spaceship". I'm a sucker for a good advertisement and a catchy name.

My planning kind of tails of at this point, as I've decided against the return ticket. I've told my parents a year max, but who knows what we'll find out there. Hopefully I'll give this blog my full attention and keep it updated from start to finish so that I can look back when I finally get that career and know it really did make me a better person.

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